The Disintegrating Market for US Agriculture

Farmers have a right to be upset. Since Trump started the trade war with China, soybean exports to China are down 98%, and overall exports are down 24%.

China is turning to other countries for this and other commodities, notably Brazil and Russia. Thus the changes resulting from the trade war are likely to be permanent.

Trade relations affect jobs in the US and the US’s ability to influence other governments. We are in effect helping China become the dominant power that it wants to be.

Of course, this really won’t matter if the Australian environmental forecast comes to pass and the human race ceases to matter by 2050. Some civilian and military experts there are convinced that we are headed to a collapse of civilization as we know it, with the survivors being those placed in space stations and colonies on the Moon and Mars.

If that in fact is happening, we should probably expect to see waves of die-offs of humans, perhaps starting sooner rather than later. How’s your life insurance?


  1. Investopedia

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