Do you ever wake up wondering what idiocy you will find in the world today?

You should. It’s actually kind of fun. Each day, there’s something new. They’re not all candidates for Darwin awards, but they’re still entertaining in a perverse way.

Take today. The concept of a Vampire Facial was presented on an un-reality TV show back in 2013. As explained in the medical news report,

It involves drawing the customer’s own blood and running it through a centrifuge to separate out platelet-rich plasma. Then, micro-needles are used to puncture the skin repeatedly, before the plasma is slathered on to soak into all those holes.(1)

Taking your blood, twirling it and allowing it to soak back into you. What could possible go wrong with that? (DRUM ROLL PLEASE.)

How about infection with HIV due to a lack of proper sterilization procedures in the facility?

You get to spend money on a procedure with dubious health value and get an HIV bonus.

Wow. What a brilliant idea! [Yes, this really happened to two patients at a now-closed VIP Spa in Albuquerque, NM .]

The moral: Do your homework. Make sure someone is experienced, professional and follows proper procedures before you trust your body to them.



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