Best and Worse US States for Healthcare for Children

Wallethub published a report today, looking at issues such as health insurane converage and access to pediatric care.(1)

The list is both and extremely predictable. Clearly, blue and red states have different budget priorities. The differences are striking. For example, only 1.4% of children in Massachusetts lack health insurance, as compared with 11% in Texas. Only 7.6% of children are obese in Minnesota in contrast to 26% in Mississippi. And we know that obese children become obese adults, greatly increasing healthcare costs for everyone in the state. Your healthcare expense impacts your neighbor’s healthcare insurance cost, just as his affects yours.

The best states:

Best statesWorse states
1Vermont 42Ohio
2 Massachusetts 43Louisiana
Rhode Island44Georgia
4District of Columbia45Arkansas
6New Hampshire47Texas
7New York48Indiana
9New Jersey50Oklahoma


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