The Unequally Educated Society

A press release from the Census Bureau today reports that 13.1% of Americans now have either a master’s degree or a doctorate. That’s 21 million Americans with a master’s (MA or MS) and 4.5 million with a Ph.D. Note that the percentages are based on the 249 million Americans age 25 and older.


  • There’s still roughly 10% without a high school degree.
  • The number of Americans stopping their education at high school is shrinking, perhaps recognition of the lack of job opportunities and the pay differential that a degree provides.
  • Among Asians between the ages of 25 and 29 living in the US, 70% have a college or higher degree.
  • Among immigrants who have become citizens, 38.4% have a college or higher degree. That’s high than the 30.8% figure among all those living in the US.

That’s a key road block to prosperity for many Americans — inadequate education and the too-high cost of education in the US.



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