Healthcare: Why Government Oversight Is Essential

We’ve had a couple of episodes in NJ which explain why the medical community cannot self-regulate:

  • We’ve had two deaths in the Princeton area due to something resembling Mad Cow Disease that was spread through tainted blood transfusions.
  • The HealthPlus Surgery Center in Bergen County had “lapses in infection control” involving sterilization of equipment and injection of medications that exposed 3,778 patients between January and September 2018. According to CBS New York, these patients have been notified and encouraged to have themselves tested for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.

Talk about Christmas gifts!

Where oversight is less stringent in the US, it’s likely that these problems are more common.

Right now, regulation is primarily the province of the AMA and insurers — and absurd malpractice rates and high costs for consumers are part of the result. It’s a system that provides inadequate protections and is quite inefficient and expensive.


  1. While I typically believe that less is more when it comes to public health there must be uneqivocated trust in health-related oversight. Thanks Vic Crain for this reminder and brining this to the story and your thoughts to the news feed. Happy Holidays.


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