US Opposition to Breast Feeding

At a World Health Assembly in Geneva, the US came out against a resolution supporting breast feeding, and forced Ecuador, the initial sponsor of the resolution, to withdraw under threat of trade sanctions.

The measure eventually passed when the Russians stepped in as sponsor.

One analysis is that the Trump administration was supporting the interests of big pharmaceutical companies and baby formula manufacturers, the biggest of which is Nestle, a Swiss company. By independent accounts, the big pharmaceuticals were out in force at the conference.

Who are the top manufacturers in infant formula? Most aren’t US companies, so why did Trump make the effort to help them?

Mead Johnson
Westland Dairy

To the world, the Russians look like the good guys, while the Americans are “anything for profits.”

Is that how you want the world to think of you? Unreliable. No morals. Stupid.

A German parade featured a float showing a Russian Bear humping Trump. You can find the pic on Facebook. I didn’t want to show it here. Just how low can the US go?


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  1. Its interesting that nobody has connected that Baby Formula use instead of mother’s milk has caused
    a high number of autistic kids in the USA, one in fifty boys. In Mexico they outlawed the “baby kits” that
    was given to mothers to start them on baby formula. Could somebody explain to me how the Cupric
    Sulphate (a herbicide) that is in baby formula will help a little baby gain an immunity and other health
    benefits getting from mother’s milk. Where is our “medical community” to say something, well I forget
    they need those kickbacks from big Pharma to start them on Vaccines and the first one is the MMR at
    18 months that seals their faith on the way to full blown autism.


    • I think the topic is open regarding baby formula, especially with the new investigations involving Danone (aka Danon yogurt in the US). I’m concerned that product being manufactured in China without adequate supervision will be contaminated. Inspections in the US need to be far more rigorous than they are today. We can’t keep relying on the EU to find problems for us – and then not react when they do.

      However, the vaccine issue should be shut down. The original research attacking vaccines was fraudulent, and there’s an overwhelming argument that the good they do far surpasses risks. The trace elements such as mercury are on a par with what naturally occurs in the body and just aren’t significant.

      Rather than focus on vaccines, we need to focus on water. More than 100 water systems failed on lead pollution this year — basically Flint, Michigan, on a much larger scale. Same problem as Flint, acidic water corroding pipes and putting lead into kids.


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