Greed and Unintended Consequences, or how old, white, greedy rich folk are changing the color of America

I’ve been saying this for awhile. It’s nice to here someone else saying it as well.

Financial insecurity can cause people to defer having children, have fewer children, or skip having children altogether. According to a new survey published today, that’s what’s happening in America.(1)

But it’s not happening to everyone. Some ethnic households (e.g., Hispanic, Chinese, Indian) tend to live in extended family groups. Elders can provide financial support and childcare, which Caucasians and African-Americans often can’t afford.

Roll back the Affordable Care Act, and you increase financial insecurity for many. That simply magnifies this trend. Why did that happen? The very affluent didn’t want to pay the penalty for not having traditional health insurance. The rich either self-insure or use concierge care and the notion of paying an extra grand at tax time was offensive.

Cutting back on the social safety net also increases insecurity for most people. If you don’t fee it now, you will. There’s a reason suicide rates are increasing among those in their 50s and early 60s. Paychecks in American haven’t kept up with inflation for the last 40 years, and the government’s calculation of inflation under-represents rising health insurance costs.

So pile it on. Give huge tax cuts to the rich and pennies to everyone else, and people will cut back spending. The one’s who can’t afford kids, won’t have them. By 2043, the Census Bureau forecast is that Caucasians (whites) will be just another minority in a population that is increasingly Hispanic and Asian. Blacks will be a stagnant 10% of the population — a minority among minorities.

It’s not immigration that’s bringing this change. It’s domestic economic and healthcare policy. It’s a sea change that will push everyone in power in Washington today to the exit doors. The President and Congress have no clue about where they’re taking the country. For those who are watching, the only question is how fast this tsunami arrives.

The fun part is watching politicians and white supremacists squirm. The change will not happen all at once. It’s already started in some areas of the US. As the GOP continues to alienate Hispanics, they may find that some of the Senate seats that have gone to Democrats won’t come back. Depending on voter registration efforts, about which no reliable data are available, the fall election could be even more interesting than people expect.

By the way, as of 2016, 22 states were more than 10% Hispanic. The highest was New Mexico, at 48.5% Hispanic. Texas was #2 at 39.1%, followed by California (38.9%), Arizona (30.9%), Nevada (28.5%), Florida (24.9%), Colorado (21.3%) and New Jersey (20.0%).

By Ali Zifan – Own work; Map is based on here., CC BY-SA 4.0,




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