Ocular Cancer: Drawing Insight from News

CBS news reported on Monday this week on a rare form of eye cancer, and clusters of people with this illness in Huntersville, North Carolina, and among former students at Auburn University in Alabama.(1)

It turns out there are hundreds of people with this cancer and, according to doctors, the incidence is growing. According to Dr. John Mason, the physician for one of the patients who participated in the CBS report,

“Most recently in the last year or two, I’ve seen more cases of melanoma that I’ve seen in the previous 21 years. I don’t know why.”

A key point for me in the article is that neither the State of Alabama nor Auburn University want to know what’s causing this cancer bubble. Both have declined funding for research.

To hazard a guess, the clusters suggest either a viral or environmental cause. IF true, wouldn’t you want to know to protect yourself?

That fits with what I’ve reported previously about Alabama. The State is far more interested in minimizing taxes on the rich than in protecting residents, and ranks at the bottom of the nation on most measures of quality of life.

To hazard a second guess, is Auburn more interested in potential liability than in protecting its students? If so, why would anyone want to attend that school?



  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/after-cbs-news-report-on-rare-eye-cancer-mystery-hundreds-share-similar-stories/ar-AAwGfXw


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