Infinite Interiors

I’m not crazy about the pic, but I love the words.

Poesy plus Polemics

silent “Sound of Silence” by Ute Laum

fathom dimensions of silence

the in-between state

of our human expression

I know it is deep

so deep it contains

every sound ever made

every wail of existence

the birthing the living

the crying the dying

explosions and whispers

hummed utterances of the cosmos

distinctive and resonant voices

of God men and galaxies

sounds we lodge soundlessly

in among folds of our mind

preserved perfectly pure

authentic of tenor and tone

signal sounds

fain accompaniments

telltale halings of actions

decisions convictions emotions

these heralded signals unheard

nonetheless unmistakable

thoughts come to audible life

in this silence

ideas and beliefs

sing their cognitive psalms

this is vast quiet emptiness

filled with the knowable noise

and the measureless substance

of everything

worthy of owning

From my book Pieces of Wine

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