Advice from the Master

Buffett always rises to the top. He actually came out against Trump’s tax reform plan, even though the plan gave is company a $29 billion increase in profits. Buffett

(At that rate, how much did Trump’s own companies get from the tax law? Probably a hell of a lot more than you did.)

Buffett’s words of advice to consumers (in his annual letter ot shareholders):

  • Avoid debt.  That means don’t use your credit cards and down go for a larger mortgage. You’re opening yourself up to bigger problems in the future if you do.
  • Invest passively. Let the big mutual funds sort things out for you. Don’t try to time the market or gamble with day-trading. Market volatility will kill you.

(Note: I agree. I’m a huge fan of Vanguard. Their Windsor II Fund has served me well. I have no financial interest in saying this.)



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