Social Media Use and Grades

A new analysis by German researchers produces some interesting findings for parents to 20150317_CDC_Concussionconsider:

  1. Students who use social media intensively to communicate about school-related topics tend to have slightly better grades.
  2. Students who use Instagram and the likes a lot while studying or doing their homework, tend to perform slightly worse than other students.
  3. Students who log into social networking sites very frequently, regularly post messages and photos and spend a lot of time there have slightly lower grades.
  4. Students who are particularly active on social media do not spend less time studying.(1)

Some of these findings may be subject to measurement error. For example, who is keep a stopwatch on exactly how much time students spend studying? There’s also the question of whether these findings apply equally in different cultures.

However, the major take-away is that social media isn’t an evil, and can even be positive if students use it to collaborate on school work.


  1. Caroline Marker, Timo Gnambs, Markus Appel. Active on Facebook and Failing at School? Meta-Analytic Findings on the Relationship Between Online Social Networking Activities and Academic Achievement. Educational Psychology Review, 2017; DOI: 10.1007/s10648-017-9430-6

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