A Grimm Fantasy?

Who says science can’t be fun?lamp

This sounds like something out of Disney or Pixar. Or the Brothers Grimm.

A team of Irish scientists has announced that compressing a protein found in tears can general electricity.(1) No kidding.

The protein is also found in milk and egg whites. No yoking about this. That should make egg farmers very happy — a new array of markets for those oval things, with apparently no concerns about being organic. Milk already has government price supports, so I’m not sure how valuable it will be for those farmers.

Of course, the fantasy of a factory in which people are forced to cry to generate electricity actually sounds like the plot of an animated classic, doesn’t it? Who knew?

Of course, after the events of this week, crying seems rather easy right now.


  1. A. Stapleton, M. R. Noor, J. Sweeney, V. Casey, A. L. Kholkin, C. Silien, A. A. Gandhi, T. Soulimane, S. A. M. Tofail. The direct piezoelectric effect in the globular protein lysozyme. Applied Physics Letters, 2017; 111 (14): 142902 DOI: 10.1063/1.4997446
  2. University of Limerick. “Electricity produced from tears: Pressure generates electricity in crystals of enzyme found in tears, milk and egg whites.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 2 October 2017.



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