Being Safe or Insane?

Arguably, politicians and celebrities have grossly inflated egos. The more minor the Mickey-mouse-photos-and-flags-nb6340politician or celebrity, the more hysterical this gets.

I live in a small suburban town in New Jersey, sandwiched between New York City and Philadelphia. The county in which my town is located had 2 murders in 2016, and none in 2017. My town had 1 robbery in 2016 and 1 in 2017, neither involving a gun. There have been no crimes involving guns in the town in either year.

So, what does the Township Committee do? They buy bullet-proof glass to protect their committee meetings.

Yep. They spend a small fortune on bullet-proof glass. Clearly more vital than buying another shuttle bus to help the elderly get to their doctor. Such remarkable thinking.

No one shoots anyone in this town, much less one of these idiots.

Now let’s shift to the other side of New York City — the summer playground of the rich and perhaps not so famous, the Hamptons. Think of the rich battling over landing space for their helicopters. A decadent area made famous by F. Scott Fitgerald. That’s the Hamptons.

Now the area sees some real celebrities — JLo and Laura Bush have been there this month. However, they’re notable as exceptions. The bulk of residents include corporate execs, gang and Mob attorneys — the kind of people who have money to toss around and don’t care so much for publicity.

So what’s new in the Hamptons this year?  According to The Wall Street Journal, it’s the creation of anti-terrorism squads to protect the rich and their parties from . . . ??

No kidding.

“The Southhampton Police Department has formed a counterterrorism unit to add specialized protection for the dozens of large soirees held in the town during the summer that often draw hundreds of attendees, including top executives, politicians and celebrities.” WSJ 14 August 2017, p. A10.

Now, the Germans did land saboteurs on a beach on Long Island during WWII. That plot lasted a few minutes with no damage to anything. Prior to that, the last notable warlike act on the Island was circa 1778.

Definitely sounds like grounds for emergency action, don’t you think?

Unlike other parts of the world, kidnapping and extortion don’t work well in the US. There are few if any ways to transfer money that the FBI can’t trace. So those crimes just don’t happen any more.

A terror attack on a party? Really?

This is your tax dollars at work. This is what happens when no one pays attention to what local officials do with tax revenue.

For those who are fans of reducing the power of the national government and shifting responsibility to the state and local level: well, doing that requires having competent people in local government. Case closed.

The Kentucky town of Rabbit Hash now has a pit bull serve its fourth term as mayor. Originally, I thought living in a town named Rabbit Hash was crazy, but maybe they’re onto something. The pit bull is less likely to make stupid decisions.

I’ve never heard of a pit bull with an inflated ego.

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