COPD and Antibiotics

Research reported in The Lancet tested the idea that antibiotics could help in treatment in COPD by extending the period between episodes. The research tested a common antibiotic, doxycycline. The finding was that it had no effect and the recommendation is against use for this purpose.

That’s important in the context of concern about overuse of antibiotics and the development of antibiotic resistance.  When in doubt, don’t. In this case, just don’t.

CAVEAT: I’m a researcher, not a doctor. I report research findings that may be of importance to the public. This shouldn’t be construed as medical advice for any specific individual. Each person is different physiologically, and treatment can only be determined by one-on-one consultation with a medical professional. However, the better informed the patient, the more effective that consultation will be.


  1. Patricia van Velen et. al., “Doxycycline for outpatient-treated acute exacerbations of COPD: a randomised double-blind placebo-controlled trial,” The Lancet, 5 May 2017.

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