Political Polarization

If you think political dialog is becoming nastier, you’re right. A recent survey by Pew documents that differences between liberals and conservatives regarding the current president are more extreme than at any time in recent US history.


Democrats  disapprove of Trump more than they disapproved of any other Republican president. Further, they disapprove of Trump more than Republicans ever disapproved of either Obama or Clinton, at the comparable point in their term in office. Conversely, the Republican base is still strongly behind Trump.

That’s probably bad news for Trump. While there’s not much more he can do to alienate Democrats, he can lose independents who “lean Republican”, and that would affect the 2018 midterm elections. Percent approval among those who “lean Republican” may never change, but the number of people who “lean Republican” may shrink. Based on the history of other presidents, it probably will.


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