AHCA Outcome: questions?

As described in my previous post, the AHCA was a bad bill that would have hurt most Americans.  The damage became worse in the late night negotiations, will traded away deficit reduction for more tax breaks for the rich and less care for everyone else.  That trade was to woo members of the ultra-conservative “Freedom Caucus” to vote for the bill, and it failed.  However, it forced GOP moderates to abandon the bill.  The final vote would have been ugly, so Trump opted to pull the bill.

What I don’t understand is why Trump supported this piece of legislation at all.  It didn’t match with his public statements about what he wanted to do.  He could have had his staff assemble the bill he said he wanted instead of wasting his efforts on this mess.

Frankly, I’m not sure Trump ever read this bill.  His tweets never were in sync with the content of this legislation.

Very strange.


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