Healthcare quote of the day

“To provide suboptimal treatment to a particular patient population simply because the better treatment is more expensive is to be complicit in a system of financial profiteering within the pharmaceutical sector that compromises patient care.

James Smith and Tammam Aloudat, “Dilemmas in access to medicines: a humanitarian perspective,” The Lancet, Volume 389, No. 10073, p1007ā€“1008, 11 March 2017.



    • Not just. As I’ve written elsewhere, Congress owns the drug pricing issues, but setting rules granting extended monopolies to drug companies and forbidding consumers from buying the same drugs from the same companies at a much lower price in Canada. I’ve seen TV ads recently about the risk of “uninspected drugs” coming through Canada to the US and that is simply a lie. The Canadians are if anything a role model for how the FDA should behave.

      Beyond that, insurance companies are “rationing care” by refusing to approve coverage for new treatments that are expensive.

      If you have a problem with drug pricing, you have a problem with your Congressmen and Senators. It’s time to change them out. You need to vote.


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