Why do I feel like crap?

Well written, and something everyone should know.


Skin feels sensitive… aching joints
Tired..tired..tired.  Can’t I just make it go away?

 Getting a cold is no fun at all.  Before you go running for the ‘over the counter cold medicine’, consider what your miraculous body is actually doing when you get a cold.

Colds are caused by viruses. The common cold is really an umbrella term referring to many viruses which cause symptoms in the respiratory tract- from the nose to the lungs. About 50% of the time, the “common cold” is caused by the rhinovirus. Rhinoviruses thrive in temperatures between 91-97 degrees F—the temperature of an average nose. Rhinovirus seems like a fancy term, but  “Rhino” is the Greek word for nose.  The word “virus” comes from Latin and means “slimy liquid”.  So the common cold is frequently caused by the “slimy nose”! You’ll hear more about slimy noses later, but blame it on your immune system.

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