Discovered an interesting poet from a good friend, I just had to share.

This is pure fun.


redlipsThat Kiss
by Sharon Esther Lampert

Fortune teller that I AM,
My crystal ball sees ALL.
Clairvoyant, the man’s libido is flamBOYant.
Inside of THAT KISS will be bliss.

Taking chances with amorous glances,
He advances… Lips pouting-tongue tied:
THAT KISS: SmOOch; smOOch.
When he romances: his gait prances,
his penis lances, his generosity enhances.
VOODOO, or DOO-YOU want dinner, dear?”
His heart dances….

Magician that HE IS,
He has a loaded deck of cards,
And wants to be my bodyguard.
Enchantment: a bag of mesmerizing tricks,
An ACE up his sleeve, a KING or a JACK
Are inside of his top hat of black.
Sleight of hand, THAT KISS is grand.

WIZARDRY: Pressed into his bosom,
I am caught in his embraces, arms
Flailing, like a net above my head,
His pounding heart is beating red.
THAT KISS tells ALL or just enough
to keep…

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