Harriet Tubman

The Tubman quote has implications far beyond what she intended, especially when we recall Jefferson’s comments about “wage slaves.” Just who really is the slave in our modern world?

The Black History Month Project

I must confess, Harriet was not on the list of people/events/ideas I had originally intended to cover this month. In fact – worse so – I had entirely forgotten that she existed, although I suppose the whole point of this blog is to help me reconnect with these stories.

Tubman came to my attention twice in the first few days of Black History Month; first, when a coworker mentioned that her son had recently been assigned to write a paper about her (I smiled, I nodded, I knew I had some research to do); and, second, a great Tubman quote began making the rounds on Facebook.

Harriet Tubman was a conductor on the underground railroad, a spy for the Union forces and, a tireless champion for Women’s suffrage.

As the best known of the Underground Railroad conductor she ferried countless slaves to freedom, repeatedly risking her own life and freedom…

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