More Problems with Healthcare for US Vets

Here we go again.

The survivors from the 4,000 soldiers who were assigned to clean up radiation from nuclear tests are now being denied government assistance for illness that are likely to have resulted from exposure.

At the time, the US government provided protective gear for a photo op on arrival on the 29atomic-1-superjumbosite, but did not allow the troops to keep the gear or use it while doing the cleanup.

The troops and their doctors believe that the abnormally high incidence of birth defects and tumors among the troops resulted from exposure.  The government claims that exposure levels were never unsafe.  (If so, why the photo op with the protective gear?)

We seem to have changed doctrines, from “guilty until proven innocent” to “let’s assume every individual is trying to rip off the system.”  The government is denying claims apparently with insufficient proof that the claims are in fact false.

Of course, if the government is successful in denying these claims, the costs will show up in the health insurance premiums consumers pay. 



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