War or Not?

Maybe we really won’t have to worry about healthcare reform.

  • Project Syndicate coined a new nickname today for Trump:  “The God of Carnage”
  • Theresa May, the British Prime Minister who has been liken to Trump, warned against the US becoming too cozy with Russia.
  • Michael Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union, warned that “the world is preparing for war.”

A nuclear war would literally “trump” all of our economic concerns.  There won’t be either people or an economy.

Right now there are three areas with potential for escalation to nuclear war:

  • Jerusalem and a new round of Arab-Israeli warfare, driven by Israeli settlements in Palestinian areas and Israeli concern over Iran’s nuclear program.
  • Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania:  Russia desire to reacquire former territories.
  • North Korea

There may be others.  The US has adopted a policy that aggravates the first problem, and appears to be reducing its ability to influence what happens with the second and third.




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