I really like this. Climb or die.

Eyes + Words

Written by Jacob Ibrag

You used to be right about me. For years I believed

in the limits of my ceiling as I readily settled for the mundane

and empty. You’d call me ‘Body bag’ because of how quick I let

my life get out of hand. I’d lay around for weeks at a time, dazed

from digesting random realitytelevisionabout nothing. I wanted

to be just like you, to be reckless and be alright with not knowing

what was next. Well today was graduation. I picked up where you

left off and made it all the way up to Heavens Cliff. If you were to

stretch your fingers passed the edge and towards the rising sun, I

swear that you’d find the sole reason for seeing. You used to be

right about me and it seems as if we’ve switched places. You

know where I’ll be next. I’ll wait for…

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