St. Vladimir?

If greed is good, then someone who climbs to power by killing people, confiscates property Vladimir Putinand lies is a hero, right?  And the person who does this to the extreme then becomes a saint of the Church of Wall Street?

Thus might be the case with Vladimir Putin, President of Russia and mentor to Donald Trump.

It’s exceedingly rare that I find something I enjoy in the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal, but today was one of those days.  Bret Stephens wrote an overview of Putin’s career, entitled, “How I Learned to Love Putin.”  I’m not going to repeat the article here, but it’s definitely worth a look.

Putin’s opponents have had mysterious car accidents and eaten foods containing lethal doses of radioactive material.  He does deals by jailing those reluctant to accept his terms.  Its a new definition of “an offer you can’t refuse.”

We’ll know we’re in trouble when that starts happening in the US.

However, that is one way to bring change to Congress.  And it could add a missing element of excitement to dining out in Washington.


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