What is Hashimoto’s disease?

Good article. Inflammation of any sort in the body can cause a complex array of problems, which is one reason adults are counseled to see a dentist regularly.

My Messy Beautiful Life

I know most people wonder a lot of times why I post about my clean eating, healthy lifestyle, or about the autoimmune diseases I talk about. Most people have never heard about any of these; maybe you have. I’ve never heard of any autoimmune diseases until being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. I never got all the answers or help for my health so I’ve had to be an advocate for myself. I want to help others be aware of the same things. These are real and more common than we think. Below is just a little description of what I may go through on a daily basis; depending on the day. I will always suffer with these symptoms and disease. But I am doing better than not most days. You can take back some of your health like I did! Get all the answers and ask for the right testing…

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