A Doctor Turned Patient

doctor-clip-art-doctor-clip-art-4The article referenced below appeared in Medscape today.  It’s the story of a fit and trim 60 year-old doctor who was blindsided by a heart attack.


The article illustrates several points that I’ve tried to  make elsewhere:

  1. Second opinions can be life-saving.  If he had followed an initial recommendation about surgery, he might not be alive now.
  2. Recovery may not be simple.  This illness put him in a coma for 8 days and knocked him out of work for most of eight months.  As a medical specialist, he had the savings and investments to fall back on when he couldn’t work.  How long could you go without a paycheck?
  3. Doctors may not understand the patient’s perspective or emotions until they have had a chance to be a patient themselves.  Which is more important to you, bedside manner or technical skill?  In selecting a doctor, it’s a choice you have to make.

The article isn’t an easy read, as it contains medical jargon.  (This was a speech to an audience of doctors.)  However, if you can cope with that, it’s worth a look.

Points to consider:

  • Second opinions are not optional.
  • You probably really need short term disability insurance.
  • Selecting a good doctor and hospital takes time.  You need to do it before an emergency strikes.

The story:



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