The “Bury Your Head in the Sand” Election

America is no longer the best place for Americans to retire, nor is it the best place in the world to live.  There are reasons for that.

Americans and their political parties practice the politics of avoidance.  We have fundamental issues affecting almost every household, including:

  • The portion of income consumed by healthcare
  • Absurd education costs and need for education/training
  • The widening economic divide
  • An unfair tax system
  • Underwater mortgages and shadow housing inventory (the potential for a new housing bubble)
  • Unemployment and underemployment

Are the parties talking about these issues?  For the most part, no.  Are people conducting  rallies on these issues?  No.  Is the country making progress on these issues?  No.

Yes, people are talking about The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare).  That act concerns making healthcare more more broadly available.  It doesn’t actually address healthcare costs.  Whether its repealed or not, your costs are going up.

Trump is talking about tax reform, but his reforms would make tax code more unfair, by cutting taxes on the rich and on corporations.  He talks one thing and walks another.

Government keeps growing because Congress has neither the skill nor the will to actually solve any problems.  Yet, the Executive Branch can’t legally solve them without Congressional support.  So we add a new bureau to deal with a problem, and the bureau never goes away because the problem is never solved.

Government contractors get paid to work on problems, not to solve them.  Not solving them means they continue to get paid.  The military-industrial complex never wanted to “win” the Cold War, just as Halliburton never wanted to win the war in Iraq.  Winning means your assignment ends and you stop getting paid.

That’s the ultimate problem with privatization of government programs.  Privatization doesn’t reduce costs; rather, it locks-in cost long term.

Ultimately taxpayers are to blame.  By not paying attention and not voting, they let their leaders off the hook for the failure to lead.  That leads to the paradox of anger this election among people who really don’t know what’s going on.  A portion of the population knows it is upset, but really has no clue about the root causes of the problems.

The net impact isn’t good.  The US is no longer considered the best place in the world in which to live and work.  According to US News, that honor belongs to Germany.  The US now ranks 4th., also trailing UK and Canada.  I wonder how far down the US can slide before people are motivated to take positive action.



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