Fashion Arrogance

A pair of white sneakers from designer Tom Ford costs $2,490.  Yep, a pair of tennis shoes.

The white sneaker trend by itself is absurd enough to get mocking coverage on the front page of the Wall Street Journal today.  After all, how many nanoseconds does it take for white sneakers to get dirty?

White sneakers costing megabucks combine arrogance and stupidity.  With so many in financial distress, these shoes are a statement that the owner doesn’t care and that the best use of his or her money is to waste it.  The owner wearing these into work is sending a message that he cares about shoes more than his workers.  Unfortunately, some do.  Egomania run amuck.

However, wearing them on the street without an entourage of body guards is an invitation to be come a victim.   We’ve had people killed for much cheaper Nike shoes.  I’m sure we’ll be reading about that sometime soon.



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