Why peace is so difficult to find

(This is a rough draft of a thought in development.  Comments are welcome.)

In a largely forgotten movie some four decades ago (“Straw Dogs”, 1971), Sam Peckinpah presented the thesis that those who preach peace and coexistence ultimately will die or will be forced to commit the violence they so abhor.

ISIS leaders seem to be following the script of that movie.  Kill those who would try to maintain peace, and force the nonviolent to commit violence to stay alive.  The arming of teachers in Pakistan follows the evolution of the Hoffman character in the movie, from mild professor to throwing boiling oil on the attackers.

The motivations seem the same as well, simple material and sexual greed.  There is no religion involved.

ISIS thrives in ignorance and want.  It appears that those who are illiterate will believe anything they are told and can be led to commit any atrocity even if it goes against the teachings of the prophet in whom they profess to believe.  It was Charles Dickens who warned of the misery that ignorance and want could bring upon everyone.  His warning came 150 years before ISIS.

Now, the confrontation between a dead terrorist and the Devinity would be interesting to witness.  The dead terrorist comes face to face with the divinity.

“Aren’t you proud of me?”

“No.  You violated all of the laws I gave you.”

“What?  What about the 72 virgins?”

“And you insult your god with your stupidity.”


“You say that a lot.”

As flames emerge from the terrorist’s arms, “you will burn for the next
500 years, a pain with no end.  After that, I will return you to the world
as a cockroach.  You will live out eternity as that.”

The interesting question is how much damage they will do the the valuers of those who must defend themselves.  Will the rest of us be condemned to live in a police state because of these fools?

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