The American Way of Death

According to a report this morning in the New York Times, American cities are seeing a massive increase in murder rates in 2015 over 2014.  What’s massive?  Baltimore now has more murders this year to date than NYC, up 56% from this time in 2014.

The Times writer reports that officials cannot agree on a reason for the uptick in violence.  Really.  That seems so disingenuous, so CYA.

Milwaukee tops the list with a 76% increase in murders.  That’s the state where Gov. Scott Walker (yes, one of the GOP dwarves seeking the presidential nomination) has been cutting jobs programs and assistance for the needy.  St. Louis is #2, then Baltimore.  Conversely, the largest cities with solid social safety nets — NYC and Philly — have much lower growth rates (9% and 4% respectively).

No, the pols don’t want to explain what’s happening, do they?  Nor does the NRA.

Look at the absurdity.  We lost approximately 3,000 people in the 9/11 attacks and have spent trillions trying to ensure they don’t recur.

However, according the the CDC, Americans kill 11,600 other Americans using firearms EVERY YEAR.

I guess its ok for Americans to be killed as long as it is other Americans doing the killing?  How else would you interpret the data?


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