Moronic marketing

When you’re in the food industry, and you close a local store, realistically, you should plan on saying goodbye to the customers served by the store.  I went through this with Einstein’s Bagels.  Their local shop closed a few weeks ago and I just got an email from them with offers for St. Patrick’s Day.

Of course I unsubscribed.  I like their products, but I’m not going to go far out of my way to get them.  Nor am I going to order bagels online.  (There are cheaper ways to get stale bread.)

For Einstein’s to send the email amounts to rubbing salt in a wound.  I’m annoyed that they chose to close the store, and now I’m angry at how insensitive they seem to be.  If I might have stopped at another of their stores if I happened to see one, I won’t now.

In fairness, I had the same reaction to Office Depot when they closed their local store.  I’m not paying shipping to buy paper or cheap office furniture, unless you’re giving me the products for free.  In my view, anyone who would do that is either lazy or stupid.  I’ve never seen a viable business model based on the notion of customers being stupid.

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